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Another miracle story

David’s post yesterday was really inspiring!  A looooooooong time ago I promised some more miracle stories.  Here is one that I’ve had for a while but didn’t get around to posting.  This is from Janee:

I went to the doctor at age 30 concerned about symptoms I had been experiencing that were very similar to those my mother had described.  She had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  The doctor asked questions and ran lots of blood tests and came to the same conclusion….Fibromyalgia.  I didn’t have time for this.  I was getting ready to adopt 2 children.  I was prescribed medicinal “band-aids,” but the doctor said there was nothing to do but live with it and alleviate the symptoms.  So I resigned myself to the situation and spent several more years living with it and taking pills.  I eventually found out from a fellow sufferer about some OTC medication that made the symptoms almost go away as long as you took it religiously and followed some other guidelines about food and personal care products.  I lived much more happily for several more years.

Then a few years ago I became filled with the Holy Spirit and the Lord started making major changes in my family.  A year later I started having symptoms of another ailment that my mother had been recently diagnosed with and I started praying about this.  God made it very clear to me that this thing called Fibromyalgia and this new thing were not physical ailments but spiritual ones.  I can’t say if that is true for everybody but at least it was in my case.  I started praying about it and brought it up to one of the simple churches we meet with.  They immediately felt led to lay hands on me and pray in the Spirit.  After they were done I knew immediately that I had been healed of these things.  A while later the symptoms started reappearing, and I fought them off with faith that I had been healed.  I was not going to allow this to come back into my life.  Each time the symptoms try to return I remind myself and the devil who brought it that I’m healed and I will not accept this back into my life again.  The attacks have become fewer and further apart and the symptoms much weaker each time.  Now, almost 10 years later, I am completely free from this ailment and ready to see the Lord do more!  Where the Spirit of Lord is there is Liberty (freedom).

A miracle

Last Wednesday (we changed our during-the-week meeting to Wednesday, as the rest of the Southern US shuts down then anyway), we decided to do a series of blog posts about miracles that have happened to people in our small body of believers.  Just off the top of our heads, we were able to think of five or six stories to share.  Here is mine:

When I was around 18-years-old, I started having problems with my TMJ.  That’s temporomandibular joint for those of you fortunate enough not to know.  In layman’s terms, my jaw was clicking and popping just about every time I opened my mouth to a certain point.  I would also experience extreme swelling to the point where I couldn’t chew because my teeth wouldn’t meet.  This would happen in spells off and on from the time I was 18 until about five years ago.

We were at the House2House National House Church Conference in Dallas, TX.  One of the speakers was a man named Frank Gray, from the Y.E.S. Ministries team.  He was speaking about healing, something that I claimed to believe in, but didn’t really focus on very much.  As an exercise, he had us pair up and pray for each other if any healing was needed.  A lady even younger than I was prayed for me during that meeting that all my problems with my jaw would be healed and that I wouldn’t suffer from it anymore.  At that point, I was not having any particular problems with it anyway, so I didn’t think about it again.  A few months later, we were talking about that meeting as a group, and I realized that I hadn’t had any pain or swelling since that prayer.  I was astounded that God had healed something that was wrong with me, while I had very little faith that he would actually do it.  In the last 5 years, I’ve had zero problems with my TMJ, and can attribute that to the love and healing power of my Father in heaven.

At a more recent house church conference, I spoke again with the girl who had prayed for me (I wish I could remember her name).  She was happy but unsurprised that God had healed me.  This kind of faith moves mountains.

There will be several more posts like this in the next couple of weeks (get me those stories, Church!), and I pray that they strengthen the faith of everyone who reads them.

Global Day of Prayer

This Sunday, June 12th, will be filled with prayer from all over the world. Think of it: 24 hours of different voices continually raised to God in praises and petitions. What an exciting time to add your voice to the chorus of languages speaking with and listening to God. There is not a local push to get people engaged or gathered. This is a totally self-initiated day of prayer for us. Think about how you can participate. For more information click here.

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