*IMPORTANT*This site assumes that “house” is a relative term meaning where ever life happens for you. This could be a coffee house, college campus, local restaurant, or even the internet!

The purpose of this blog is to describe the experiences of house churches in Arkadelphia Arkansas. This mostly means a summary of what happens at each of our meetings but could also be teachings that we are learning or other experiences that we may have throughout the week. For a good idea of what a house church meeting is like see the post “just a typical house church meeting”

House Church is a new (yet very, very old) way of doing and being a church that is currently one of the primary ways the church is being spread in foreign countries on the mission field.

It is now in the USA, and is growing and multiplying very rapidly. We jokingly say that it is an “ultra-traditional” style of church. Meaning that the newfangled buildings, pews, and super structures are too modern for us. We want to go back to the roots of Christianity where it started…in houses.

But it is not even about a meeting place. It is not “meeting in a house” versus “meeting in a building”, or “traditional church” versus “modern church”, or “old people church” versus “young people church”. We must avoid a divisive spirit. House church Christians are not against other churches or people. We are for house church. We are for “spontaneous church”. We are for “simple church”. We are forlowering the bar on how we do church, so that we can raise the bar on what it means to be a disciple.” (Niel Cole)

It is an “Organic” form of church; a type of doing Church that is based on all the farming and plant life parables that Jesus spoke about the Kingdom of God. It is grown where life naturally happens.