I am so excited by what God showed me today that I wanted to tell you all about it.  It seemed to me that the best way was to post it here.First a little background:

1)   Last night at during our gathering we discussed in depth the healing that God promised the group, the theology of it all, and the emotions it brought.

2)   I read the Daily Office from the Common Book of Prayer for my Bible reading everyday.  Today’s readings were spot on!

Please read these two passages FIRST (before continuing):

 2 Kings 5.1-19 and 1 Corinthians 4.8-21

I knew I was in for something special today when I read the first passage.  It tells the story of a famous general that was loved by his king but had leprosy.  He needed healing and went to Israel on the advice of a slave girl to get healed.  He took a letter of introduction from his king to the king of Israel.  The king of Israel was distraught.  He could not heal the general.  But God had a man in Israel who could play a role in the general’s healing.  That man was Elisha, a prophet of God in a country who hated prophets of God. The story ends when the general is healed by God and returns home.

The second passage is a church leader, Paul, writing to a church he started to correct some issues they had.  Paul is warning the people who came later and disrupted the church.  He said that he would return and then the church would see whom God approved of leading them, the persuasive new people or the one God used from the start to grow these people into a community of faith.  Paul says there is one distinction that will settle the argument once-and-for-all.  One very exciting thing that separates the pretenders from the overcomers!

These two passages seem unrelated.  They are from vastly different periods in history.  They are separated by at least 1,500 years.  However, when put in the context of our meeting and read back-to-back a crystal clear message appears; a message of hope for those who need healing.

I will continue this in another post Healing Power Part II. I will explain how these two stories are connected and what that might mean for us as a group dependent upon God for our healing.