Happy Fathers’ Day, everyone!  A young lady in our church wrote a blog post especially for today that I would like to share.  I left it exactly as she wrote it, completely from the heart.

Father’s day can be a hard time for young kids and adults. Because some fathers aren’t around for their kids they probably don’t have a need to celebrate father’s day, But they do .I have a cousin who felt left out for years because her older brother has a relationship with his father. This will be her first year to celebrate it, (her mother is getting married) she will have a dad this year to celebrate with. She had a father to celebrate with before and that is her heavenly father he would be happy to fill that place in her heart that was so important and he will do it for anyone who asks. By him being your father you can make a difference on father’s day. You can go out and work for the lord and people about your father, God in heaven. Even if you have an earthly father you can still go out and celebrate with your heavenly I plan to try and do that if at all possible. Thank God for being our father especially the ones who really need one. So this father’s days go out and make a difference, and if your children don’t have a father celebrate father’s day with God!