REFLECT: What did you discover from John 2.1-11, Jesus turning water into wine?  Did you answer the questions? What did you learn about Jesus? About yourself?  I encourage you to write down the answers to the questions in a journal.  It will be easier for you to reflect and grow if you write down your responses.  Also, include any questions you still have.  Maybe something occurred to you and it was a powerful insight, or thoughtful question.  Maybe you just need to vent a little.  Write it all down in your journal.  It will prove to be a great resource for you as you journey along this path.

PRAY: Simple ask God to show himself to you.

DISCOVER: John 4.46-54

1) What does this tell me about the way people are?
2) What does this tell me about what people need?
3) What does this tell me about the person of Jesus?
4) How can I apply these things to my life?

WRITE: Collect your answers, questions, and thoughts and write them down.