Last week I (David) posted “The Miracles of Jesus” inside of my Life, the Universe, and Everything post.  I am removing it from there and giving it a place of its own.  So I am will repost week one as a standalone thread and add to it each week also.  Please note that the idea of looking at Jesus’s miracles does not originate with me.   It is a tried-and-true way of looking at Jesus to discover Him, who He is, and what He did while here on earth.

So without further commentary from me I give you The Miracles of Jesus

PRAY: Simple ask God to show himself to you.  There are no magic words.  Nor is there a special order of speech.  Just talk to God as you would a friend sitting with you. Jesus once said, “keep asking, keep seeking, and keep knocking and the door will be opened to you.”  So just ask God to reveal Himself in a brand new way to you as you read this passage.
DISCOVER: John 2.1-11 Water into wine.
1) What does this tell me about the way people are?
2) What does this tell me about what people need?
3) What does this tell me about the person of Jesus?
4) How can I apply these things to my life?