If you look at the top of your page you will see our new Pray4Me Tab.  We have felt God calling us to be an outpost of prayer, a beacon for hope in a sea of hopeless situations.  God told us that our group is about healing; healing from disease, hurt emotions, financial needs, and damaged relationships.  Our response is to pray.  Only God can provide the healing we need.

We want to include you in our prayers so we have given you a link to us.    If you need prayer then you are personally invited to send that request to us so that we can believe with you that God is moving on your behalf.  We have seen cancers healed, marriages restored, and hope appear in hopeless situations when we pray.  God is alive and active in our lives…in your life.  He wants to be the first place you go when you need help or need encouragement.

Clink on Pray4Me today and let us know how we can pray for you.

-The Church at Arkadelphia