Thursday night church rocks!  (I was getting tired beginning a post with, “We met at so and so’s house…”)

We feasted on red beans and rice, brownies, and cookies and cream ice cream.  Yum!  The Owens family joined us and we greatly enjoyed their company.

We did some catching up with each other (during which time we found out that a certain member of our fellowship dislikes the word “placenta”) and then started a conversation concerning discipleship.  We discussed our personal history with “discipleship” in the Church, a lot of stories of curriculum with very little personal relationship.   It seems that many of us had very little actual “discipleship” in our spiritual history, which is quite sad.  We discussed some elements that we felt we crucial to genuine discipleship, like prayer, accountability, and Bible study.  We talked about how building the desire to bring other people closer to Christ is imperative for multiplication.    Discipleship also shouldn’t be all talk and no action; we should be teaching servanthood (teaching by example could work well here).

We prayed for one another as well as people we know.  We discussed adding a “prayer” section to the blog, and the family seemed to take to the idea.

Question:  What are some things that you think are necessary for discipleship?