We had surprise visitors last night in our church meeting!  Chris, Diane, and their sons showed up on a whim, and we were very excited to see them.  We started our night with communion (in the living room, since the kitchen wasn’t big enough to accommodate the group this week) and followed up with dinner.  We feasted on fried rice (two ways), rotisserie chicken, tuna casserole, potato soup, and oatmeal raisin cookies.  We followed up with a Dr. Pepper cake for Rebekah’s birthday!

Afterward, we rejoined in the living room and did some “church library lending.”  In the type of group that we have, owning two copies of one book is a little silly, so we take turns buying books at house2house conferences and off of Amazon and share them with each other.  After this, Les shared the story of “The Night of the Birds,” a story our group has told so many times that I plan to share it on this blog soon!

Then, April shared an excerpt from Jesus Manifesto by Frank Viola.  When Jesus was on Earth, He was fully God and fully man, and even He didn’t do anything except what He received from the Father.  Trying harder to “be a good Christian” or to “be a good person” is meaningless.  If we are living in Christ as He lived in the Father, the stress of “trying” is non-existent.

After this, we watched a video that was sent to us by a simple church in Malawi.  (Hello, Church!)  It was wonderful to see the passion that these Christians have and the excitement in their worship.  We worshiped together after watching their video, and then dispersed.