We met at the Campbell’s house last night for the our marriage enrichment series.  April whipped up a mean batch of beef enchiladas for us to share for dinner.  We sat down to eat and had a great time catching up with each other.

We talked a little about budgeting, which was our marriage enrichment topic of the night.  How does budgeting enrich your marriage?  A major cause of couple conflict is money issues.  When a couple makes a plan together on how to spend/save their income, the fighting decreases.  We talked as a group about what has worked and what hasn’t worked in our budgeting lives.  Putting one person “in charge” of budgeting hasn’t apparently worked for us.  For some of us, taking out cash for our variable purchases has worked well to control spending.  Communication about how money is being spent seemed to be the number one positive way to deal with budget issues.

We also talked about some of the ways that we’ve seen God moving recently.  Adam now has a job.  (Yay!)  We’ve seen some healing of depression.  One of our members is getting some much needed medical help.  These have all been recent matters that we’ve brought before the Lord in prayer, and they are all being answered.  Praise the Lord!

We ministered to some members of our body who had a need, and then we all had to get tired children to bed.