Our meeting last night was a bit unusual. (This is a bit of a joke…as you can read from our Sunday and Thursday recaps, we don’t really have a “usual” meeting.) We sat down to a dinner of chicken adobo, roasted chicken and vegetables, and spice soup and broke bread together.

The main event for our meeting was a Skype call from Carl and Claire Miller in the Philippines! The Millers are a missionary family that teach at Faith Academy, where Carl went to high school. We got to see their lovely home as well as their beautiful family. Micah and Ian are getting so big! We were also able to catch up with them and hear about what is going on in their lives right now. A major prayer request for them is that they could have a car there. It is very difficult for Claire to go out during the day with two young children in tow and meet people. Those of you reading this blog, please pray for a car for the Millers.

After the call, we talked about God as our healer, and how God healed people in the Old and New Testaments. We also discussed where sickness comes from. Does sickness come from God? Satan? Natural causes? What do you think?

We prayed for Carl’s students at Faith Academy, for a car for the Millers, and for our other prayer concerns.