I’ve been reading a book called The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer.  Tozer takes several attributes of God and explores them one by one.  In his chapter about the grace of God, Tozer starts with a prayer that is powerful and simple. Before you read this, I want to remind you about the meaning of words like thy and thou. Although we usually associate these words with religious solemnity, mainly due to their use in the King James translation of the Bible, they originally were the informal pronouns, while words like “you” were formal. I bring that up because when I read something in “King James English,” I tend to view it as formal and solemn even if it’s not intended to be that way. I don’t want that to hinder your reading of this prayer, or anything else that uses thee and thou.

God of all grace, whose thoughts toward us are ever thoughts of peace and not of evil, give us

hearts to believe that we are accepted in the Beloved; and give us minds to admire that perfection

of moral wisdom which found a way to preserve the integrity of heaven and yet receive us there.

We are astonished and marvel that one so holy and dread should invite us into Thy banqueting

house and cause love to be the banner over us. We can not express the gratitude we feel, but

look Thou on our hearts and read it there. Amen.

Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God found a way to preserve the integrity of heaven and yet receive us there.  How beautiful!

I also really relate to the last line. I am not a very sentimental or poetic person; I often have a difficult time expressing gratitude in words, but if I have a  grateful heart, it will speak to God.