Recently, we had a church retreat at the Lake Degray yurts. Just in case you’re  wondering, they look like this:



Usually our church retreats are structured and scheduled, but this one was different. We gathered to just pray and listen to God with no agenda. It was very refreshing. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and had a really great time telling stories and laughing. We prayed together and also spent time alone praying and listening to God. We came together again and shared what we had all heard. As He has done before, God weaved together what everyone shared into a one tapestry.
Here is a summary of what everyone heard:
We set aside time to hear from God and some of us expected God to give us grand and far-reaching visions of His will. God instead revealed to us that He has us in a valuable but humble place.

There are many workers working to bring down a mountain. Some of the workers are high up on the mountain and can see all the work below them and can see out in the distance for miles. Other workers are down towards the base of the mountain. They are doing dirty and difficult work to bring down the mountain. Because they are so low, they cannot see very far. They just have to trust that they are doing what is right and that the work they are a part of is making progress. This is where we are.

God has us working in a small town in a rural area. He hasn’t yet let us see for miles. Right now, he wants us to focus on the work right around us. He is giving each of us small things, little responsibilities. Perhaps it’s just one person to pray for or minister to. There are thousands of people around us, just like there are thousands of rocks on the shore of Lake Degray, but God only has a few people for us to minister to, like the two unique rocks that David Owens picked up. If we get overwhelmed by all the rocks out there, we might miss the two rocks that God has specifically for us. God works in the “small things.”

God wants us to know that the work we are doing, although small, is powerful. We are like the squirrels that kept distracting us as we prayed.

They are small and humble creatures but they can make a huge sound. So huge that they can distract and even scare a much bigger creature.

There are certain “rocks” or “small things” that God has already given us. One that we talked about is the blog that Bonnie has been keeping for the church. Another rock is the physical healing of Bonnie and I. God used Karin and Robert Fitts to show us that the prayer and fasting we have done for our healing is basically complete. God will be healing us soon and then using us to bring healing to many others. Another “small thing”, that Jeremy discussed, is how God is teaching him to be humble and loving around his family, even when it is difficult, in order to be a light to his family. Another “small thing” is all of us taking time to rest, relax and hear God. Many of us have a burden from God to journal our prayer times. This is small, but powerful, if we will obey.

God is reminding us how important it is to be obedient with these small things he gives us. Not just so that we can prove ourselves and get promoted to “bigger things”, but because God desires obedience in every thing we do.

I’m sure there is much more but I did this from memory.