Aaaaand….here’s the summary for Sunday.  I told you I was catching up.

We began with a dinner of turkey soup, shepherd’s pie, cheesy chicken tortilla soup, chicken, and cookies.  We ate and took communion together.  We then “adjourned” to the living room

We mentioned that the Magnet Cove band Christmas concert is next Sunday (the 12th) and gave the opportunity for anyone who wanted to to babysit some kiddos so that April and I can see the concert.  (April because it’s her husband’s band, and me because I’m having a piece debuted.)  No takers yet, but we’re still hoping!  We reminded everyone again about the retreat and set the hours tentatively as 6-9 pm on Friday and 8 am on Saturday until we’re done.

This Thursday’s church meeting is moved to Dino’s Main Street Cafe, for some Christmas karaoke!

Brandon brought an analogy that came to him while he was doing the dishes.  He said that on our own we are dirty dishes, which require three things to get clean:  soap, water, and some sort of scrubbing motion.  God the Father is our soap, Jesus is our living water, and the Holy Spirit is the motion that gets it all going.  Fun!

We discussed the difference between hyperbole and exaggeration, the latter of which is lying.  If in doubt, just tell it like it is.

I gave a teaching on Frank Viola’s Rethinking the Will of God. I began with the story of Jack which you can read in the intro to Frank’s book.   We discussed the misleading impression that the will of God is like a train track, which if you stay on it will bring you peace and joy and with each track being a decision that you make.  We discussed how God’s will is never described that way in the Bible.  Instead, God’s will is like a parking lot, the boundaries of which are set by the moral will of God.  The Bible tells us of God’s moral will and the Holy Spirit leads us in it.

Which parking space you pick is up to you.   God has not promised special revelation of His will in these cases.  Wisdom can lead you to specific parking places, which you can ask God for.  It make come from life experience or from the church.  God may give you specific prompting, but if he doesn’t, don’t feel as though you’ve missed something.  Whichever parking space you choose in non-moral decisions, you are not sinning.  Some parking spaces are simply wiser than others.

We prayed for some families in need and then dispersed.

*And yes, somewhere in there we talked about the deliciousness that is eggs benedict.  Mmmmmmm.