We began our evening last night with a dinner of Mexican beans and brown rice.  We began our discussion with the very important topic of facial hair.   We then discussed the recent upswing in traffic on the blog and the idea of creating a resources page.

We continued our marriage/relationship enrichment “series” this week with April discussing the problem of aloneness.  When God created the world, He called everything good.  Before problem of sin entered the world, however, there was one thing that God said was not good. Genesis 2:18 says:

The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” (NIV)

We still experience aloneness when our relationship needs are not being met.  We discussed ten key relational needs a few weeks ago, and when these needs are not being met, we feel alone.  These feelings of aloneness fill up a metaphorical cup in your body.  When your cup gets full, one little thing can make these held-back emotions spill out, often causing hurt to our relationships.  The way to empty your cup is to mourn these hurts and receive healing from God.   After this discussion, we did an exercise designed to help you identify the hurts that are hiding in your cup.  Then we prayed and dispersed.