In light of the rush of new traffic to this blog, Adam thought that it would be appropriate if I explained some of my recent post titles.

Adam looks like Clint Eastwood

Adam was covered up with a Southwest-style blanket at the Sellers’s house, and Ali remarked that he looked like Clint Eastwood.

France is Bacon

This came from a reddit post.  When we were telling funny stories on Thursday night, I told this one.   A young man often heard his father give the quote, “Knowledge is power – Francis Bacon.”  He understood the first part of the quote, but “France is bacon” didn’t make any sense to him.  He asked one of his teachers to explain it, and the teacher explained the knowledge is power part.  The young man asked, “France is bacon?”  The teacher said, “Yes.”

I don’t tell it as well as the original, but you get the idea.

Watchman Steve

I don’t remember how this one came about, but I think April had something to do with it.  Watchman Steve is what we say is Watchman Nee’s American name.  It makes reading his work a little less intimidating!

That’s it.  Nothing too mysterious; just sharing a little of the fun we have at our meetings!

P.S. By the way, “France is Bacon” is one of the search terms people are using to find this blog!