Aaaaaaaaand we’re back!  Sorry for the lack of bloggage last week.  No great excuse, just didn’t do it.  Hopefully I will do better this week!

Last night we met at the Sellers’s house for our regularly scheduled meeting.   For those of you who don’t know, our regular meetings are Sunday night at 5 at the Sellers’s and Thursday night at 6 at the Maisen’s.  Last night we feasted on sandwiches, beans, vegetables, fruit salad, and possibly other foods that I don’t remember.  The Owens family joined us, which is always a HUGE blessing!  We caught up with each other over dinner and then moved to the living room.

April read us a little bit from Watchman Nee’s The Prayer Ministry of the Church. She read part of the second chapter, which focuses on the Lord’s prayer.  We focused mainly on the first part of the prayer, that His name be sanctified.  Jesus was not only calling us to praise God (thought that is indeed part of the message).  He was telling us to pray that God’s name would be holy on earth.  We discussed many ways that God’s name is taken in vain on earth and what that does to God’s reputation.

In wanting to build God’s reputation, many of us look for earthly solutions.  As David said last night, we don’t need bigger buildings, bigger programs, or bigger men to build the kingdom and save God’s reputation.  We need more of God, Himself.  This reminds me of an interaction between Lucy and Aslan in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Lucy sees Aslan again after a little break and asks him if he’s gotten bigger.  Aslan replies that every year she grows, she will find him bigger.

We discussed our desire to praise God not only for the blessings He gives us, but also for who He is.  In the same vein, we discussed listening to God to discover His will and praying His will back to Him.  In this way, our prayers will be answered.  There are no magic words that will help us “change God’s mind.”

All too soon, 8 o’clock arrived and nearly everyone had to go home.  I think many of us were hungry for more!