We met last night at the Maisen’s house for a fun time of fellowship and prayer.  Janee made a wonderful vegetable beef stew/soup that Nick ate the equivalent of two bowls of.  It was quite delicious.   Les gave Ali a clarinet lesson, which scared Mark a little.  (I know, Mark.  The squeak of the clarinet has been the bane of my existence for the past 15 years.)  Ali is coming along quite well, however.

We caught up with everybody as we hadn’t seen the Campbells for a week and Brandon for even longer than that.  We told funny stories and watched funny youtube videos and had a great time.  We talked a bit about God’s timing in answering prayers, specifically that even if it’s a big thing, God might answer it very quickly.  We don’t necessarily have to pray for hours or days when faced with a “big” prayer.  Sometimes God answers instantly, as when Peter and John healed the lame man at the beautiful gate.  Then, we prayed for a church brother and sister for a while.   And then we dispersed.

It was a dark and stormy an awesome night.