Sorry for the delay in the Sunday recap post everyone!  We started our meeting with communion and a meal of shepherd’s pie, Mexican bean thing, and Aztec beans.  For dessert we had chocolate bread pudding with Southern whiskey sauce.   We moved to the living room where we discussed a few matters of church business.

First, we decided as a church that we need to hire someone to watch the children on Sunday nights from 6-8.  We would pay said person  $15 dollars a week and give them a hot meal.  Janee said that she would start the ball rolling on finding that person.

Next, we decided for certain that we are having our prayer retreat at the yurts at Lake Degray on December 17-18 and that we will rent two yurts for the night of the 17th.  I (Bonnie) will take care of renting the yurts.

After the business matters were settled, the men went outside to talk while the women stayed in the living room.  I won’t post exactly what was discussed here, but Les wanted me to post that part of their meeting involved Les kicking Jeremy’s tail in wrestling.

And to conclude this post, little Elijah was born healthy yesterday!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  Thank you, everyone, for praying!