Those of you who have been following the blog or coming to our meetings know that we’ve been praying for my sister and her pregnancy.  Her ultrasound today showed a healthy baby, about 9 weeks along.  Thank you so much for all your prayers!

Also, please pray continually for a friend who wishes to remain anonymous on this blog.  This friend is coming up on her 37th week of pregnancy, and the doctors are going to test her son’s lungs on Monday to find out if he is ready to be out of the womb!  They have named the boy Elijah, so please pray for Eli this weekend that he will be ready on Monday!

Last night, the church met in Hot Springs to see Ali and Brittney play their last home game of the season.   Their “David” team very nearly beat the “Goliath” they were up against, and the girls had every reason to be happy with the way they played.  Once again, a good time was had by all.  Except Jude, who fell and busted his lip.