April suggested that I post the words to the song I was inspired to write a couple of weeks ago.  This sprung from what God was teaching us about praying His will back to Him.

Father, as we’re on our knees,
Counting everything we need,
In Jesus’ Name we pray,
That all our prayers made in the flesh
Would burn away with no regrets.
Father, lead us in Your way.

Lord, make Your will our will.
Make our purposes as one.
Weave our hearts together
that we might glorify Your Son.

Father, change what’s in our hearts.
Your will inhabits every part.
You face is all we see.
And in the age of discontent
Let those of us whom You have sent
Know You are all we need.

I would still like to have a bridge for the song, but I haven’t really come up with anything.  I encourage everyone in the group to be open to God’s inspiration in songwriting.  You don’t have to have a music degree or to be able to read music.  You could add verses to a familiar hymn or praise song.  You could take a secular tune and put sacred words to it.  Or you could be inspired to write something completely original.  I think we would be thrilled to see our group’s songbooks filled with songs written by our family.