Sunday night at the Sellers (4/25/2010)

We started, as we usually do, with the Lord’s Supper. Interesting topic, the Lord’s Supper. Our experience with it  has definitely evolved over the past several years. Most all of us growing up did the cracker crumb and shot glass juice thing as part of a service every now and then. It was always a very somber and socially disconnected time where you were led to dwell on your own sin and hopefully be grateful for what Jesus has done about it (though guilt feelings always lingered.)

Over time we have slowly adopted different ways to do communion that have culminated to how we did it tonight.

We broke a loaf of bread (the one loaf) and passed it around to be eaten with our potluck dinner feast. Grape juice was poured and everyone received a full glass to enjoy with the meal. We talked about the bread being a symbol of Christ, the most lowly and accessible of all foods, broken and eaten by our hands. We talked about the meal itself, the food on our plates, that is a symbol of our unity and fellowship and is a integral part of the Lord’s Supper. Without the meal it is not a full expression of communion, it is not a supper. We talked about the juice being a symbol of his blood poured out for us and a foreshadow of the cup we will drink with Christ at the wedding feast in heaven.

It was a joyful time as we expresed our faith in who God is and what he has done for us, our love for his body that we shared our food with, and our hope for eternal life in heaven to come.