Sunday night at the Sellers (12-06-09)

Well, we are getting more excited than ever about hosting a community-wide house church interest meeting here in Arkadelphia. After a good meal and a scripture reading/share time from Bonnie we spent a good deal of time in this meeting freely brainstorming about the logistics of hosting an interest meeting.

We came up with the following Topics:

  • Location
  • Speakers
  • Advertising
  • Content
  • Child Care
  • Time
  • Refreshments
  • Financing

We then proceeded to Brainstorm through each of these topics a bit and you can read the product we came up with by clicking  here .

We also prayed for Bonnie and her family since they lost her grandad earlier in the day, and for April that her baby would come out already, and we proclaimed that anything and everything on our brainstorm list is subject to the will of God and we are very willing to trash/add to anything on the list according to his will. May he guide us in unanimous decisions every step of the way!