Sunday at the Maisens house.

We started our meeting today with a baby shower for Brandon and Becky Harris which was loads of fun and transitioned right into our house church meeting.

We opened with one of the brothers (Adam) reading the first chapter of Hosea which we all had decided to read through this past week and come together to discuss. We discussed the forgiveness that God has even after he cuts off his love from those who have chosen to refuse it and spit in his face with their self-proclaimed independence from him. “In the place where it was said to them, ‘You are not my people,’ they will be called ‘sons of the living God.'” -Hosea 1:10b

Then one of the sisters (April) shared a scripture that had been on her heart this week, Mathew 14:22+, about Peter walking on water toward Jesus but then sinking because he took his eyes off of Jesus and on to the storm around him.  This raised the question of what we can do to keep our eyes on Jesus and not the storms that surround our lives.

We took a look at the past 3 or 4 years weve been doing house church and decided that the times that we had been the most Christ centered corporately and individually have been the few weeks surrounding some spiritually edifying event, namely the annual house2house conference and our church “encounter God” retreats. We then broke down the aspects of those events that seemed to really help our Christ-focus.

The events  all…

  1. …gave us a break from the daily grind.
  2. …had intentional preparation and execution.
  3. …left us with a vision of what could be.
  4. …had other like-minded believers sharing with and encouraging one another.

So we decided that while we don’t want to program our meetings or anything we would like to see more intentionality in what we do. We also decided that we need more events like this throughout the year, even if on a much smaller scale. During this time we came to the consensus view that God is leading us to host an interest meeting for house church in our area, where anyone could come to learn more about house church. We haven’t heard what all the details will look like yet but we know we want to do it soon. We’ll advertise it to the community and use it to cast the vision of what could be to those that want to be involved in house church ministry or to those who simply want to hear what a house church even is or does or looks like.  Which hopefully is a group of people sharing life with one another and setting their eyes on Jesus together.

Imagine if the whole group got out of the boat and walked toward Jesus. How much easier would it have been to not be distracted by the storm?