Sunday Night at the Sellers 10/25/09

We started off with  Les reading John Ch. 6 before we passed around the bread loaf  and glasses of grape juice that symbolized Jesus’s body and blood that we need in order to have the eternal life that he so abundantly gives to those who believe. We did this in the context of a church family checking in with one another over a wonderful meal of Tortilla soup and Quiche ala  Chicken Florentine.

We then transferred the meeting to the living room where the Lord brought about a conversation of “things that distract us from Jesus.” We talked about how one of the most attractively sinful TV channels that plagues the American Christian is HGTV.  Many in our group love this show but recognize that it can produce the mindset of focusing on one’s stuff. Everything is about making your stuff look better or getting better stuff.

We talked about Jesus being the light and how John Chapter 3 is a tough verse for the average American because it talks about men loving darkness and hating the light so their deeds won’t be exposed, and how most americans would disagree that they hated light and loved darkness. But we have a veil over our eyes and don’t realize that our sins are sometimes less obvious but still very deadly.

Everyone shared and participated and no one “took over”. It was mutual edification of the Body of Christ.

P.S. We also prayed for Adam,who’s stomach problems subsided afterward.