We met Shannon and her daughter walking around the neighborhood and invited her to our meetings. She  has been coming to our house church for about 3 weeks now and she wanted to share what it has meant to her:

  1. Gathering with fellow believers in this intimate setting has revealed to me the unity that is in Christ–there aren’t any separations with the body. It has been amazing to me that those things that I have learned through the Holy Spirit, and during my own personal bible studies, are the same things this group has been taught as well–by the Holy Spirit! Christ never meant for the church to be separated by doctrine!
  2. I have observed that if there are any unrighteous attitudes, words, deeds, evil intentions or motives–they will be revealed, and handled in a Christ-like manner with love. The church is unshakable. I am fully confident that Satan could not go in and have his way!
  3. I love the family atmosphere! It’s real and genuine. I know that if there is a need, it’s going to be met. It is so refreshing to gather with fellow believers who truly love and want to serve God.
  4. My soul leaves completely satisfied!
  5. When I enter into the work week, I am reminded even more that I AM the Church. I have been more sensitive to the Holy Spirit. I have even began to feel something that I haven’t felt in a long time:I’m falling back in love with Jesus! I find myself going to bed thinking about Him, I wake up thinking about Him! And I’m lovin it!

We love you Shannon! And we are so glad that you and your family are a part of our little (yet big) expression of the Body of Christ.