Thursday night meeting, Patsy’s house

One of the greatest things about doing house church is not having the financial overhead of a building and a paid clergy.  So, if our little group of 10-15 gives generously we can have the same financial giving power as  traditional church of 100-150!

Adam started the meeting with a  prayer request letter of our close friends Lon and Amanda Vining who are leading and planting traditional and house churches alike in Montreal Canada. Like most missionaries, their financial needs are great. We immediately went to the Lord in prayer for them.

During the prayer time the Lord raised a question through one of the brothers. “What would it look like to center every single dollar you have, you spend, and you receive on Christ?” Everybody then busted out the bible and began sharing verses about money. It was very edifying and encouraging!

This Led to us making some very practical decisions about money as a local expression of Christ. Through a complete consensus we came to 3 major financial decisions:

  1. We are going to close out the church’s bank account and give the remaining $600.00 to Lon and Amanda. (if we continue to use a bank account we will be subject to report spending as a non-profit organization. We don’t need the headache.)
  2. We are going to start a “lock-box” to collect money at our meetings. (Each meeting the amount in the box will be reported to the group and spending from it will be decided corporately by whoever is present at the meetings.)
  3. We decided to change our former $300.00 a month commitment to Lon and Amanda to a no-lower-than-but-usually-much-higher-than $25.00 a month. (We made the original commitment over a year ago and have experienced a lot of changeover in the church. There were a few months we were unable to make this commitment due to lack of people. So, we decided to have a minimal commitment that could always be met no matter what. We expect, however, to give much greater amounts than that!)

We are excited to see the cool things that are going to happen as we center every dime on Christ!