Sunday night meeting, the Sellers’ house

Well, this meeting definitely gets the largest-amount-of-food-we’ve-ever-had-at-one-meeting award. No one left hungry and our fridge is stuffed with leftovers! We enjoyed the re-visit of Becky’s parents Dave and Lynda (who are former south American Missionaries) as well as Becky’s grandma. We even had the pleasure of a new person who had never come before. There’s nothing like like the bountiful blending of food, friends, and family.

After dinner everyone moved to the living room to see where the Lord would take the meeting. April kicked it off with an excerpt from Frank Viola’s From Eternity to Here. The first part of the pages she read describes Frank’s journey through a myriad of Christian fads/focuses the outcome of which reads:

All of the churches and movements I was involved in had effectively preached to me an it. Evangelism is an it. The power of God is an it. Eschatology is an it. Christian theology is an it. Christian doctrine is an it. Faith is an it. Apologetics is an it.

I made the striking discovery that I don’t need an it. I have never needed an it. and I never will need an it. Christian its, no matter how good or true, eventually wear out, run dry, and become tiresome.

I don’t need an it, I need a him.

And so do you.

We do not need things. We need Jesus Christ.

This sparked an amazing conversation about how Jesus Christ is the embodiment of all things good.  And the only it you need is him.  We discussed how his blood fully covers all of our sins and his death on the cross completely destroys our sin nature and his resurrection gives us a brand new life in him! It was so sweet to discuss the beauty and centrality of Christ so deeply.

We then spent a good deal of time hearing the story of Becky’s parent’s ministry in Florida. And Becky’s g-ma shared (through many tears) how wonderful these past few days have been for her visiting with us. She was beside herself with the love and encouragement that she recieved from our fellowship. It was very moving to be a part of. We spent a good deal of time praying for them.

We convened with the group decision to meet a Patsy’s house for Thursday night meeting again this week and talked with joy about how wonderful it would be if  anybody from her neighborhood could experience the intimacy of this kind of  community. People want to be loved and they want real authentic community that is deep, joyful, and vivacious. They look for it in their own families. They look for it in their friends. They look for it in their work places. But…Christ is the it, and we are his body.