Thursday night meeting, Patsy’s house

OK. So we decided as a church a couple of weeks ago to start meeting two nights a week, Thursday and Sunday nights. The only difference between the two meetings is that Sunday we start with a pot-luck meal @5:00 and Thursday we start @6:00 without a meal. Otherwise no specific agenda is set for either.

We decided this for a few reasons:

1. We want to practice depending on the Holy Spirit to guide the meetings. (Although we are open to the H.S.  leading us to plan something specific at any time.)

2. We have been wanting to meet more often than once a week as a church family.

3. Sometimes the Lord has lead us to go out and do things for people on our meeting night, and if that is our only meeting that week than we miss on our intimate fellowship time for two weeks until our next meeting.

4. Often times schedules just don’t line up and meetings get canceled.

5. This frees us up to just spend a meeting “hanging out” and not feeling like we “missed out” on church that week.

That having been said…

We spent this past Thursday night meeting at Patsy’s house so that we could help her with her much needed yard work. Some worked outside, while others met, read the bible, and prayed inside. Patsy gave the money she would have given to a hired worker to the church and we all decided to give it to a couple in our fellowship in financial need.

Ever since I was a kid I wondered why church meetings were called “services” when it really meant an hour of boring lectures and bad music at some churches and exciting lectures and good music at others. Either way it’s not service. Last night’s meeting seemed more like a real church “service”.